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Charts window

The charts window lets the user create, edit and delete different types of charts, such as time charts, scatter charts or histograms. Charts are automatically updated when new simulation data is available. To access this window select Window | Charts. The Charts window title bar has buttons to create different types of charts, to edit the currently visible chart and to delete the currently visible chart.

Chart controls

Below each chart is a small panel with controls specific to the chart. These let you easily change properties like log scale, legend and plot symbols without editing the chart.

Creating charts

The recommended way to create charts is through the results window:

  • Select outputs in the list of results, right-click and select a chart type from the popup menu.

You can also create charts from the charts window by:

  • Clicking one of the new chart buttons in the title bar of the charts window.
  • Right-clicking the charts window and selecting a chart type from the popup-menu.

Finally, you can duplicate charts:

  • Right-click an existing chart and select “clone” from the popup-menu.

Title bar

The title bar has short-cuts for common tasks:

Creates a time chart
Creates a scatter chart
Creates a histogram chart
Opens an edit dialog window for the selected chart.
Deletes the selected chart from the system.

To display the menu, right click anywhere inside the window.

Create… Lets you create a new chart.
Edit… Opens an edit dialog window for the selected chart.
Clone Create a copy of the selected chart.
Export data… Export data for the current chart to an Excel file.
View data in Excel…Export data for the current chart and open in Excel.
Copy Copy the chart as an image.
Save as… Save the chart as an image file.
Print… Print the chart.
Zoom Out/In Lets you zoom out/in the chart
Auto Range Automatically set the axis ranges from the dataset bounds
Delete Deletes the selected chart.

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