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Correlation pie chart

A correlation pie chart ranks the importance of the simulation inputs (parameters) on a specified output (at a specified timepoint) and displays the absolute value of the correlation rank coefficient for each input as a slice in a pie diagram. The correlation pie chart is only available with the sensitivity analysis toolbox.The chart is only available after a probabilistic simulation or a sensitivity analysis has been performed.

The correlation pie chart is an alternative to the tornado chart.

Creating a correlation pie chart

From the results window (Recommended)

  • Right-click an output that you wish to plot and select Correlation Pie Chart from the popup-menu.

From the charts window

  • Right-click the charts window and select Create | Correlation Pie Chart from the popup-menu.

Editing a correlation pie chart

Some properties can be changed directly by using the controls below the chart. For a pie chart there are controls for:

  • Legend - Toggle legend on/off
  • Correlation - Select ranking method (more information can be found below).
  • Time-point - Select time point for the output.

To change other properties either right-click the chart in the charts window and select Edit, or double-click the chart, or click the Edit button in the title bar.

The chart editor has two tabs:


This screen let you edit properties such as name and axes, that are common to most charts. Please see editing chart properties for more information.


  • Output - Select the target output.
  • Inputs - Select the inputs you are interested in. By default all parameters that are included in the probabilistic/sensitivity analysis are selected.
  • Timepoint – For time dependent outputs, specify the time point you wish to plot.
  • Max number of bins – Limits the number of inputs that are shown in the chart. Default=10.
  • Type – Select which correlation ranking method you wish to use.
    • Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient
    • Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient
    • Standardized regression coefficient
    • Standardized rank regression coefficient
    • Partial correlation coefficient
    • Partial rank correlation coefficient
    • EASI First Order Sensitivity Indices

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