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Debug Menu

Debug menu is a useful feature where you can test out Ecolego. It consists of options listed on the picture bellow:

Randomize model

This option is used to create a random model by Ecolego. By clicking on this, Ecolego offers a window, where the user can input the number of:

  • SubSystems
  • Materials
  • Compartments
  • Transfes
  • Parameters
  • Expressions

After click on OK, a random model with the inputs specified by user is created.

Save layout

Layout, or the organization and size of the windows used while modelling in Ecolego, can be saved this way. Sometimes there is a specific need to change the layout of Ecolego from a project to a project, and this way user can quickly switch between them.

Open workspace dir

By clicking on this, Ecolego will open the Workspace directory in the Windows Explorer.

Run GC

Simple Model

Creates a simple model, consistent of two Compartments connected by a Transfer. This feature can be used to build models more quickly.


Creates a screenshot for the user.


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