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Ecolego Modelling Software Screenshot
Ecolego Modelling Software Screenshot

Ecolego is a powerful and flexible software tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Ecolego can be used for conducting risk assessments of complex dynamic systems evolving over time with any number of species. Ecolego has specialised databases and other add-ons designed for the field of radiological risk assessment.

The graphical user interface helps the user to define and manage building blocks, parameters, species and simulation settings. Ecolego also helps to create reports, to plot simulation results, to perform probabilistic simulations and sensitivity analysis.


  • Easy management of blocks, parameters, materials and other settings.
  • Hierarchical containers facilitates construction and documentation of large and complex models.
  • Projects are easily managed using the project browser, which displays a hierarchical view of blocks, parameters, contaminants and other objects. Multiple projects can be open simultaneously
  • Copy-paste of parameters, containers, blocks and materials within and between projects.
  • Tool tips present information about selected objects, such as equations, units, “used by” or “uses” relationships.
  • Hyperlinks allow the user to jump to different parts of the model.
  • Creation of models using interaction matrices
  • Sub-system modules can be created to create re-usable components
  • Unit checking
  • Documentation of models using images, hyperlinks, categories, units and comments
  • Parameters and blocks can be created on-the-fly while equations are written
  • Listings of all undefined objects or illegal values
  • Generates full reports that can be saved in many different formats including the Adobe PDF format
  • Automatic handling of nuclide decay and ingrowth (requires Radionuclide Toolbox
  • Possibility to call user-written functions in Java or Matlab during simulation.
  • Powerful numerical solvers for complex and dynamic systems. Fixed and variable step size solvers of ordinary differential equations for stiff problems.
  • Support for probabilistic simulations using Monte Carlo or Latin Hypercube sampling.
  • Advanced editor for probability density functions.
  • Parameter sensitivity analysis. Pearson, Spearman, EASI correlation coefficients and regression coefficients. Several other methods available with the Sensitivity Analysis Toolbox (EIKOS)
  • Many different types of result charts and tables are available for simulation outputs.
  • Subversion support for modelling collaboration and version handling
  • Radionuclide database. Radionuclide Toolbox
  • External parameter database connection for sharing and management of quality assured project parameters. Parameter Database Toolbox
  • Sub-system module library
  • Export and import of parameter values and results to/from Microsoft Excel.



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