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Exporting parameters to the database

Parameters can be exported only to the internal database.

Export to internal database

Select one or more parameter(s) in the parameter view window in Ecolego.

Then right click in the parameter view window.

Choose menu item Export→To Local DB

The following dialog is then shown


The dialog shows the projects, subprojects and parameters in the database.

By clicking in the tree you can navigate between projects and subprojects.

Select the proper Project or sub project in the tree then right click and choose menu item “Paste selected parameters” and your parameters will be exported.

The project structure is limited to three levels (in the menues they are called Projects, Cases and Phases)

You can create new Projects and subprojects by right clicking on a project (or on the empty white area to create a top level project ). Then select menu item “Add Project|Case|Phase”

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