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Exporting the interaction matrix

This feature lets you create a snapshot of the Interaction matrix for use in reports or other documents.

To export the matrix of the Active project, select File | Export | Matrix

The export matrix window has the following fields.

  • File – Click on the button to choose a target file for the image. The image will be saved in the format .png.
  • Width – The width of the image in pixels
  • Height – The height of the image in pixels
  • As shown – If selected, the matrix will be saved as it appears in the Model window. If un-selected, you can choose which Sub-system export. All deeper sub-systems will appear collapsed.
  • Sub-system – This field only activates when “As shown” is de-selected and lets you choose the top-level sub-system that will appear in the image.

Confirm with Ok to export the image.

See example below:

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