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The help menu is located on the Ecolego top buttons panel. Pressing the Help button brings up a drop-down menu with the following items:

Help Contents - Open the help documentation in an external browser such as Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera etc..

Starter models - Leads to a web page, where some example models can be found.

Enter Serial - Enter a new serial number for Ecolego, for instance if you have purchased a tool box or extended your license.

Update - Search for updates to Ecolego. By default Ecolego will search for updates whenever it is launched. Please refer to Preferences on how to turn this feature off.

Report bug/Request feature - Opens the AFRY bug/feature tracker in an external browser. To be able to report bugs you need the account information that was given to you when you purchased Ecolego. We are very greatful for any help you can give us to improve Ecolego.

Show logfile - Displays the error log file. If you fall victim to a bug, this file will provide valuable help to the developers of Ecolego when they try to trace its origin.

About - Displays a window with information on the installed version of Ecolego.

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