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Histogram chart

A histogram chart is only available for probabilistic data, and displays one or more simulation outputs in the form of a histogram. Histogram

Creating a histogram

From the results window (Recommended)

  • If you select a non-time dependent output, a quick view is created which, by default, is a histogram for non-time dependent, probabilistic outputs. Or,
  • Right-click the output or outputs that you wish to plot and select Histogram from the popup-menu

From the charts window

  • Click the button, or
  • Right-click the charts window and select Create | Histogram from the popup-menu

Editing a histogram

Some properties can be changed directly by using the controls below the chart. For a histogram there are controls for:

  • Legend - Toggle legend on/off
  • Time-point - Select time point for the histogram. Only applicable for time dependent outputs.

To change other properties either right-click the chart in the charts window and select Edit, or double-click the chart, or click the Edit button in the title bar.

The chart editor has two tabs:


This screen let you edit properties such as name and axes, that are common to most charts. Please see editing chart properties for more information.


  • Timepoint – For time dependent outputs, specify the time point you wish to plot.
  • Number of bins – Enter the number of bins for the histogram. This number applies to all outputs. You can use the drop-down list to the right to use an algorithm that calculates the optimal number of bins from the selected data.
  • Bin estination routine - Select a method for selecting the number of bins in a histogram.
    • Arbitrary (by default)
    • Freedman-Diaconis
    • Optimal
    • Scott
    • Sturges
    • Venables-Ripley
  • Type – Select which type of histogram you want to create.
    • Frequency - Display number of occurances.
    • Relative frequency - Divide number of occurances by the total number of observations.
    • Scale area to one - Plot density of data. The total area of the histogram is normalized to 1.
  • Values – Select the outputs you wish to include in the histogram.

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