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The ID of a block consists of the name of the block and the ID of its parent sub-system.

For example, with a hierarchy where the sub-system France contains the sub-system Paris which in turn contains the expression Price their ID’s are:

Type Name ID
Sub-systemParis France.Paris
Parameter Price France.Paris.Price

The ID of a block must be unique in the project.

Using ID's in equations

Because only the ID of a block must be unique, the model may contain several blocks with the same name, as long as they are put in different sub-systems.

When referencing a block in an equation by name, Ecolego first looks in the sub-system of the block whose equation you edit. If it there is no block with that name in the sub-system, the root sub-system is searched. If no block is found there either, an error message is presented.

If you want to explicitly reference a block in another sub-system you must use the ID of the block. For instance, using the hierarchy above, if you want to create an expression in the sub-system France which uses the parameter Price, you must write the full ID of the parameter:

TotalPrice = France.Paris.Price + France.Orleans.Price + ...

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