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Importing and exporting results


Simulation results are necessary to create charts and tables. You can mix results from different simulations in the same chart or table. By exporting (and importing) results, you can include results from other simulations in your project in order to compare or benchmark results.

Simulation results can also be used as a source of data for lookup tables and parameters, by linking.

Exporting results

You export results either by selecting File>Export>Export results… or from the results window by right-clicking a simulation result folder and select Export results….

A window appears which lets you select what data to export. When you click Ok another window will prompt you for a file name.

Simulation results can be stored either in a binary format (.ear) or an ASCII, tab separated format (.txt). The format will be determined by which of the two extensions you choose.

Importing results

Import results either by selecting File>Import>Import results… or from the results window by right-clicking in the window and selecting Import results… from the menu.

You will be prompted for a file name. When the results are imported they will appear in the results window.

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