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Importing decay chains

To add radionuclide decay chains using the database, open the nuclide database window by selecting File | Import | Import radionuclides… from the main menu.

If you want to import radionuclide decay chains from the database to your Model, make sure that Database is selected in the View drop-down list. Otherwise, if you just want to see what nuclide chains your model contains, select Model. Note that you cannot export radionuclide decay chains to the database.

The window is divided into three regions. Select the desired parent radionuclide from the Database column to the left. The whole decay chain for the selected nuclide appears in the Original region on top right. Unselect the decay products that should not be included in the decay chain by clicking on them. The final decay chain is shown in the Preview region on bottom right.

The Import to model button at the lower right corner activates as soon as a decay chart is displayed. Click the button and a dialog box showing you a list with the radionuclides and the decay chain pairs that have been imported is displayed. Note that radionuclides and decay chain pairs that already exist in the model are ignored.

If you right-click the radionuclide chain chart, a pop-up menu lists the following options:

  • Print – print the decay chain chart;
  • Auto-zoom – automatically adjust the zoom so that the entire chain is displayed. This item is checked by default;
  • Zoom in – increase the zoom factor. Only available when Auto-zoom is unchecked;
  • Zoom out – decrease the zoom factor. Only available when Auto-zoom is unchecked.

Click OK to confirm. The created decay chain appears automatically in the radionuclide decay window.

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