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Importing index lists to Ecolego

When importing parameter values, the index lists of the model determine which data is imported. This means that if a model has three contaminants defined (Candy, Soda and Cigarettes) and the parameter tooth_ache_factor is imported, only values for Candy, Soda and Cigarettes will be imported even if the Material index list of the database also contain contaminants Rum, Gasoline and Gravel.

It is also important that the indices are spelled the same way in Ecolego and in the database/Excel. Therefore it is practical (and time saving) to import dependencies from the database or an Excel file rather than creating them manually.

Importing index lists

To import index lists from Excel, select

File|Import|Import Index-lists from Excel… and select a file from which to import.

To import index lists from a parameter database (requires Parameter database toolbox), select

File|Import|Import Index-lists from Database…. Index lists will be imported from the currently selected database project.

Import index list window

On the left, all index lists/dependencies that are available for import are shown.

Select lists and use the arrow buttons to move add them to the model.

When an index lists has been added, select the indices to import by ticking the boxes next to the index names.

Finalizing the import

Click Import in the bottom of the window to import the dependences.

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