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Importing nuclides

Nuclides can be added either from the materials window or from the nuclide database window.

Adding radionuclides from the nuclide database window

NoteRefer to importing decay chains if you want to import full decay chains of radionuclides.

Open the nuclide database window by selecting File | Import | Import radionuclides… from the main menu.

Click the Nuclides tab. The radionuclides are listed in a tree, ordered by their element name. To see all the isotopes for a given element, click the + button next to the element name.

If you want to import nuclides from the database to your model, make sure that Database is selected in the View drop-down list. Otherwise, if you just want to list the radionuclides in your model, select Model. Note that you cannot export radionuclides to the database.

Select the desired nuclide from the Database list. To select several nuclides hold down the Ctrl or Shift buttons while selecting. The Import to model button at the lower right corner gets active once a selection is made. When you click the button a dialog box will list the radionuclides that have been imported. If a nuclide with the same name already exists in the model it will be ignored.

The imported nuclides will automatically appear in the materials window.

Adding radionuclides from the materials window

Click either the Nuclide button on the title bar or right-click and select Create | Radionuclide from the menu.

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