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Information window

To display this window select Window | Information from the main menu. The information window will display information on the currently selected object(s). For example, when a parameter is selected, the information window will show all its nominal values and probability density functions, its full name, unit, description etc. It will also display the names of all other objects that use the parameter.

Names of Ecolego objects that are displayed, such as in the “referenced by” tag or in expressions, are hyperlinks. By clicking on the object name, that object is made the currently selected object. That way you can navigate through a model, and see how different objects are related.


One of the main ideas with the information window is to encourage adding documentation to projects, by assigning units, giving full names and writing descriptions. You can put hyperlinks to documents, web pages or files on your computer, by using the Add Link button when editing object properties.


When displaying expressions, such as differential equations or transfer expressions, the information window will attempt to create symbols for the objects referenced in the equation (unless, of course, if a symbol has been assigned).

To turn off this functionality and write the object id’s instead, right click and deselect Symbol from the popup menu.

Title bar

Zoom in. Increases the font size
Zoom out. Decreases the font size
Navigate back. Will re-select the previously selected objects.
Navigate forward. Will re-select the previously selected objects.

The menu is displayed by right clicking in the window.

Edit… Edit the object located under the mouse cursor. To edit the current object, right click on the name of the object in the headline.
Back Navigate back
Forward Navigate forward
Zoom in Increase the font size
Zoom out Decrease the font size
Zoom 100%Restore the zoom to the original value.
Symbols Toggle between showing symbols and names for objects in expressions.

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