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Installing and operating Ecolego

System requirements

Ecolego is platform independent and runs on 32/64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10 or later, MacOS, Linux and Unix. Important: While we offer Linux and Unix installation, our support for these systems is not comprehensive. Our primary focus is on Windows installation, ensuring it receives the most up-to-date version and robust support. For optimal assistance, we recommend installing Ecolego on Windows.

Download Ecolego

You need to place an order on Ecolego website. Once we have confirmed your order, you will receive a confirmation from our licensing system with the download link.

Installing Ecolego

When you have downloaded the installation file, simply run it and follow the instructions that will be given.

Important note: The use of Ecolego is governed by the Ecolego's End User License Agreement (EULA). This agreement must be accepted in order to install the software. Note that according to this EULA the Ecolego license cannot be installed on a shared machine (server).

Starting Ecolego

When the installation has finished an Ecolego icon will appear on your desktop, to start Ecolego simply double-click the icon.

Activate your Ecolego License

The first time that you open Ecolego you will be asked to enter the activation key that you received when you purchased the Ecolego license. Enter your license and click on Submit to start the online activation.

Important note: If your network blocks the online activation, please use the “Activation Request” option to generate the offline activation information and send it to our support ( and we will send you the offline activation code.

In case of any issues

In case you are having trouble installing or activating the Ecolego software, go to this page to find out how to resolve some common issues.

Or contact our support (

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