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Introduction to Ecolego Player

The user interface of Ecolego player is organized into pages. The menu on the left hand side acts both as a control to display different pages, as well as providing options for the currently displaying page.

When you perform an assessment using Ecolego Player, you go page by page from the Context setup page to the Simulation and Results pages.

Available pages

The following pages are available:

  • Context - lets you create a new assessment, open or save assessments. Once a project is available, this is where you select your contaminants/species, and provide a description of the assessment.
  • Model - displays the model used for the assessment. From here you can view all equations, relations and values. Also, if you have access to a library, you can build models by assembling components from the library.
  • Options - some models provide calculation options. An option could, for instance, be which calculation to use for a specific value.
  • Time series - lets you supply time dependent input data, such as measurements or data taken from literature.
  • Parameters - lists all the available parameters of the model. Nominal values or probability density functions can be assigned to each parameter.
  • Simulation - when all input data is entered, the simulation screen lets you start a simulation. Both deterministic and probabilistic (Monte Carlo) simulations can be run.
  • Result charts - lets you create charts/plots of simulation output data. Depending on the type of simulation different types of charts are available.
  • Result tables - lets you review simulation output data in tabular form.
  • Report - in order to finalize the assessment, here is where you can create a report containing all information on the model, the input data and the simulation results.

Selecting pages

Pages are selected by clicking on their respective button in the menu on the right hand side. As you select a page, the menu will adjust to show options which are available for this page.

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