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Materials window

This window lists all the materials of the current model. To display this window select Window | Materials from the menu bar.

From this view you can:

By default, this window is divided into five labeled columns indicating material properties: Name, Enabled, Half life, Half life unit and Unit. More properties and options can be made available by clicking the button and selecting the desired property from the menu that appears.

NoteWhen you disable a radionuclide you will also disable all its decay daughters.

Empty Displays an error symbol for materials that are missing values or contain errors. You can double click this column to edit a material. Atomic number* The atomic number of a radionuclide. Author The “author” of the material Category The category of the material Decay daughters* The daughter nuclides. Decay parents* The parent nuclide(s). Decay root* If checked, the nuclide is the root nuclide in a decay chain (it has no parent nuclide). (Not editable). Description A description of the material Editable Toggles editable on or off. Element* The atomic element of the radionuclide. Enabled Enables or disables the material. Disabled materials are not included in simulations. Full name The full name of the material. For the material “H” the full name would be “Hydrogen” Half life* The half life of the radionuclide. Half life unit* The time unit to display the radionuclide half life in. Mass number* The mass number of the radionuclide Name The name of the material. Symbol The symbol for the material. Unit For radionuclides, the only available units are Mole and Bq. The decay unit must be the same for all radionuclides. The unit of a material will affect the unit of transfer and compartment blocks. Visible Toggles visibility (in the Ecolego player) on or off. * Only available with the radionuclide toolbox.

Title bar

The title bar has short-cuts for common tasks:

Creates a generic material.
Adds a radionuclide to the model from the radionuclide database. Note that radionuclide chains must be added from the radionuclide database
Opens a dialog window that lets you edit the selected material
Deletes all selected materials from the model.

To display the menu, right click anywhere inside the window.

   Material Creates a new material
   Radionuclide Creates a new radionuclide
   Half life parameterCreates a parameter which is synchronized with the half lives of the radionuclides in the model. Read more here
Edit… Opens an edit dialog window for the selected material.
Enable Enable all selected materials.
Disable Disable all selected materials.
Find… Lets you search for text appearing in the table.
Select all Select all materials in the table
Delete Deletes all selected materials from the model.

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