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Naming conventions

The following naming conventions are used in Ecolego.

  • The naming in Ecolego is case sensitive, meaning that it does make a difference whether you type in upper or lower cases.

Blocks and sub-systems

  • Names must only contain English letters or digits.
  • Names must begin with an English letter (‘a-z’ or ‘A-Z’).
  • White space is not allowed, but underscore can be used to separate words in the name, e.g. ‘My_parameter’.
  • Names cannot contain double underscore or end with underscore.

Materials and indices

  • A material or an index can have any name that does not contain brackets ‘‘or’’.

Every Ecolego object must have a unique identity and the name is used to identify objects. However, for blocks that belong to a sub-system, the identity is composed of the sub-system and the objects name. This means that multiple blocks can be assigned the same ID, but only if each of them belongs in separate subsystem. More on how to handle blocks belonging to a sub-system is explained in Sub-systems and ID.

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