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Naming conventions

The following naming conventions are used in Ecolego.

  • The naming in Ecolego is case sensitive, meaning that it does make a difference whether you type in upper or lower cases.

Blocks and sub-systems

  • Names must only contain English letters or digits.
  • Names must begin with an English letter (‘a-z’ or ‘A-Z’).
  • White space is not allowed, but underscore can be used to separate words in the name, e.g. ‘My_parameter’.
  • Names cannot contain double underscore or end with underscore.

Materials and indices

  • A material or an index can have any name that does not contain brackets ‘‘or’’.

Every Ecolego object must have a unique identity and the name is used to identify objects. However, for blocks that belong to a sub-system, the identity is composed of the sub-system and the objects name. More on how to handle blocks belonging to a sub-system is explained in Sub-systems and ID.

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