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Parameter Database

The Facilia Parameter Database can be set up to centralize and quality assure parameter data. Storing parameters in the parameter database assures that data is traceable and transparent.

The database can contain parameter data (values, probability density functions and statistics) as well as lookup table values and settings. The Database itself contains no default values, but once you install the database you can start creating your own set of the parameter data as well as lookup table values and settings.

Facilia Parameter Database features:

  • Stores values, time series, statistics and probability density functions.
  • Attach comments, references or documents to any value.
  • Tag parameter instances.
  • Role based user permissions make sure that users only access what they are allowed to.
  • Import/export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Built-in usability status ladder for quality assurance.

The Facilia Parameter Database software package is not included in the setup of the Ecolego and must be installed separately. The software is available to customers who have purchased the Ecolego Parameter database toolbox (contact Ecolego support:

This software includes two components, a relational database built on Microsoft SQLServer and the Facilia DB tool.

  • The parameter database built on Microsoft SQLServer Express can be installed either on a server or the same machine as Ecolego.
  • The Facilia DB tool includes 2 interfaces, Parameter Database client (Facilia DB) and Parameter Database Administration (Facilia DB Administration). Through these interfaces users can view, add or edit the parameter data.

Ecolego Modelling Software Screenshot

Accessing Parameter Database from Ecolego


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