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Parameter database toolbox (Ecolego)

Ecolego Modelling Software Screenshot

The parameter database toolbox provides a connection between Ecolego and a parameter database .


The Parameter database toolbox makes it possible for Ecolego users to directly access the database from within Ecolego.

The parameter database contains parameter data (values, probability density functions and statistics) as well as lookup table values and settings.

Connecting Ecolego to the parameter database has the following advantages:

  • Centralized handling of parameter values
  • Separation between modelling and parameter data collection
  • Parameter naming consequent between modellers in the same project
  • Traceability (-“who is responsible for this value”)
  • Faster model development by using the quick-import tools
  • Quality assurance
Parameter Database Toolbox Screenshot

The parameter database toolbox provides an interface to the parameter database.

  • Parameter values, probability density functions and statistics
  • Lookup table values and settings
  • Export data from your Ecolego project to the database
  • List of parameter names available while writing equations
  • Import parameters on-the-fly while writing equations
  • Update individual parameters or lookup tables with data from the database.


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