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Projects window

The projects window is the main controller of Ecolego, and the only window that displays information about more than one project. It shows all the open projects in a hierarchical structure and is for getting an overview of the project content and to cut and paste objects. To display this window select Window | Projects from the menu bar.

The active project

The projects window is used to select the active project. All other windows will adjust to show information about only this project.

Creating objects

When you right-click a node in the window you will be presented with a pop-up menu that allows you to create, edit and remove objects. The available options in the menu depend on which node you have selected. For instance, for the “Blocks” node you will be given options related to blocks.

Adding documents and functions

This window is also used for adding documents and functions. Please refer to adding documents and creating custom functions.

Title bar

The title bar has short-cuts for common tasks:

Transfers the selected blocks or materials to the clipboard and marks them for deletion after the transfer. See data transfer for more information.
Transfers the selected blocks or materials to the clipboard. See data transfer for more information.
Copies the clipboard contents into the selected sub-system. See data transfer for more information.
Collapses all projects.


The drop down lists below the title bar can be used to search for blocks with specific properties. Click the More button for more search options.

SearchType the name, or part of the name, that you are looking for.
Type Select the type of block or - All types - to ignore the type.
Enabled Check to include only enabled blocks in the search result.
Visible Check this box to show only blocks that are “Visible (in player)”.
Connected Check to hide all blocks which receive input from other blocks (through connectors).
Pinned Check to always display blocks which are “pinned” (see properties listed above), regardless of what is entered in the other search controls. This feature is useful when there are many blocks in the project; if you want to compare two blocks you can search for the first block, pin it, and continue searching for the second block.

Active project

Ecolego supports having several projects open at the same time. The active project is selected in the projects window. All actions, such as running a simulation or generating a report, are performed on the active project. Many of the windows show information on the active project, such as the blocks window and the model window.

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