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Database parameter import

This tab (called Database tab) is located in the edit block window, which opened by right clicking or quick-double clicking on the block. This tab allows you to quickly import values to a specific parameter from either the local or external database. If you follow the same naming conventions in your model and database, this tab can also help a lot in finding relevant parameter values by using the “auto-match” feature.

The procedure is simple: search the database using specific criteria, then assign values to the parameter by selecting indices from the “match” column of the result table.

This tab lets you give criteria for a database search.

  • Search - Click this button to start the search in the search field.
  • Type - The type of parameter
  • Tags - Tags that are assigned to the parameter
  • Dependencies - The type of dependence, for instance “Element” or “Nuclide”.
  • Usability - A description of the Usability Level.
  • Users - The user who entered the parameter value into the database.
  • Reference - A reference for the parameter, for instance to literature or a report.
  • Max hits - The maximum number of search hits to present in the table. This limit is necessary when searching a very large database, or when using wildcards in the search name.

Underneath the search constraints a list of available parameters from DataBase will appear after clicking on the Search button . Once the user finds the parameter with the value that should be imported, user should select it and press the import button.

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