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Raw data table

A raw data table presents all probabilistic data for a selected number of outputs. Each row displays data for an iteration of a given set of simulation outputs. It is useful for:

  • When you need to post-process probabilistic data in another tool (such as Excel)
  • When you want to find parameter combinations that cause extreme or unlikely results. By identifying the iteration for such results (using the highlight functionality, see below), the corresponding parameter values can be found.

Creating a raw data table

From the results window (Recommended)

  • Right-click the outputs that you want to include and select Raw Data Table from the popup-menu.

From the tables window

  • Right-click the tables window and select Create | Raw Data Table from the popup-menu.

Table controls

The controls beneath the table let you change the appearance of the table.

  • Format - Select either scientific or decimal format
  • Digits - Select the number of digits to show


  • Highest - Select to highlight the highest value in each column.
  • Lowest - Select to highlight the lowest value in each column.
  • Condition - Select to enter a condition. The condition is on the form xstart < x < end and will be evaluated for each cell in the table. Cells who’s value fulfills the condition will be highlighted.

Editing a raw data table

To edit a raw data table either right-click the table in the tables window and select Edit, or double-click the table, or click the Edit button in the title bar.

The table editor has two tabs:


This screen let you edit properties such as name, that are common to all tables. Please see editing table properties for more information.


This page lets you choose which outputs to include.


  • Title – Enter a name for the first column. The default name is Iteration, but you are free to enter any text here.


To choose outputs for the table, select one of the table data columns. (You can add and remove columns using the Add column and Remove column buttons).

  • Title – Enter a name for the column. If you do not enter a name, the name of the output (selected below) will be used.
  • Output – A drop-down list with all the available outputs from the simulation.
  • Time point - Choose the time point to display data for (if applicable).


  • Format - Select either scientific or numeric format for the table.
  • Digits - Enter the number of digits to show.
  • Add column - Click to add a new column
  • Remove column - Click to remove the selected column(s).

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