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Scatter chart

A scatter chart plots one or more simulation outputs against a specific output at a specific time point.

Creating a scatter chart

From the results window

  • Right-click the outputs that you wish to plot and select Scatter Chart from the popup-menu.

From the charts window

  • Click the button, or
  • Right-click the charts window and select Create | Scatter Chart from the popup-menu

Editing a scatter chart

Some properties can be changed directly by using the controls below the chart. For a scatter chart there are controls for:

  • Legend - Toggle legend on/off
  • Time-point - Select time point (for probabilistic outputs)

To change other properties either right-click the chart in the charts window and select Edit, or double-click the chart, or click the Edit button in the title bar.

The chart editor has two tabs:


This screen let you edit properties such as name and axes, that are common to most charts. Please see editing chart properties for more information.


  • Time point - (Only for probabilistic outputs). Select the time-point for the plot. The data will be interpolated (if necessary) for this time point.
  • X-value - Select a simulation output for the x-axis from the drop-down list.
  • Y-value - Choose one or more simulation output for the y-axis by selecting items in the left hand list and using the buttons to move them to the right-hand list.

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