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Scripts are unrestricted programs that can do anything. Do not run a script sent to you unless you trust the developer who wrote it.


Scripting allows you to write short Java programs to automate tasks. They can be used for building models, for importing/exporting data or to run simulations.

Scripts can be imported to a project, or be run separately. Scripts that are imported in a project can be configured to launch automatically during different stages of a simulation by creating Script Actions.

For instructions on how to write scripts and for examples, see Creating Scripts

Importing a script to a project

1. In the Projects window, expand the project folder.

2. Right-click the Scripts folder, and select Add…

3. Select a file from the window which appears.

Note: You can also import .class files or .jar files that contain resources required by the script.

Running a script

To run a script which has not been imported into a project:

1. Open the Script menu in the menu bar.

2. From the menu, select Run script….

3. Select the script file to run.

To run a script which has been imported:

1. In the Projects window, expand the project folder.

2. Expand the Scripts folder. This is only possible if scripts have been imported to the project.

3. Right-click the script you wish to run and choose Run script…

Script Actions

Scripts can be configured to automatically execute during a simulation. The most common use is to perform post processing of results, or to export results, once a simulation has completed. They can also be used to inject parameter data or to provide visual feedback during a simulation.

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