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Sensitivity analysis in Ecolego

For tutorials of how to use the toolbox, please see Sensitivity analysis examples.


The following methods are included in the Sensitivity analysis toolbox

  • Pearson - Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient *

  • Spearman - Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient *

  • SRC - Standardized Regression Coefficient *

  • SRRC - Standardized Rank Regression Coefficient *

  • PCC - Partial Correlation Coefficient *

  • PRCC - Partial Rank Correlation Coefficient *

  • Morris - A computationally inexpensive global screening method

  • Garten - OAT design to compute customized impact of input factors on model output

  • Local - OAT design to compute local impact of input factors on model output

  • Variance-based methods:

    Method Description First orderTotal orderCustom order
    Sobol-2002Extension of Saltelli to compute first and total order indices OK OK  
    Sobol Brute force method to compute any order of sensitivity indices OK OK OK
    Jansen Winding Stairs OK OK  
    FAST Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test OK    
    EFAST Extended Fourier Amplitude Sensitivity Test OK OK  
    RBD Random Balance Designs OK    
    EASI An effective algorithm for computing global sensitivity indices *OK    

* included in standard Ecolego



Two new charts are included with the toolbox.

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