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Spider Web Chart

A spider web chart, also known as a radar chart, allows you to plot multi dimensional data.

The chart consists of spokes, or axes, that originate in the center and extend outwards. There is one spoke for each category of data. The data for a series is plotted for each category on respective axis and are connected by lines.

The data set plotted in the chart is a two dimensional table, where rows correspond to series and columns to data categories.

Conductivity - - - -
Atomic Weight - - - -
Price - - - -

When a spider web chart is created, the user selects one or more outputs that will provide the data. If the outputs represent time dependent data, the user also selects a time point. The outputs must share at least one dependency (index list), which will be used for rows in the underlying data table.

Creating a spider web chart

From the results window

  • Right-click the outputs that you wish to plot and select Spider Web Chart from the popup-menu.

From the charts window

  • Click the button, or
  • Right-click the charts window and select Create | Spider Web Chart from the popup-menu

Editing a spider web chart

Some properties can be changed directly by using the controls below the chart. For a spider web chart there are controls for:

  • Legend - Toggle legend on/off
  • Fill - Fill the interior of the polygons
  • Time-point - Select time point
  • Log - Log data

To change other properties either right-click the chart in the charts window and select Edit, or double-click the chart, or click the Edit button in the title bar.

The chart editor has two tabs:


This screen let you edit properties such as name and axes, that are common to most charts. Please see editing chart properties for more information.


  • Time point - Select the time-point to use for data, when data is time dependent.
  • Outputs - Select the simulation outputs to plot.
  • Series - This list shows the index lists of the selected outputs. You can select one to be used for series.

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