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Tables window

The Table window lets the user create table views of simulation output data. To access this window select Window | Tables from the main menu. Before you read this section you should read the overview of tables.

The following types of tables are available:

  • General table - General table for displaying all kinds of results.
  • Correlations - Display correlations between all input data (parameters) and selected outputs using different rank coefficient methods. This type of table is only available for probabilistic data.

Table controls

Below each table there is a set of controls that lets you

  • Change the number format of the table data.
  • Highlight the minimum, maximum or a range of values.

Creating tables

The recommended way to create tables is through the results window:

  • Select outputs in the results window. Right-click and select a table type from the popup menu.

You can also create tables from the tables window by:

  • Clicking one of the new table buttons , in the title bar of the tables window.
  • Right-clicking the tables window and selecting a table type from the popup-menu.

Finally, you can duplicate tables:

  • Right-click an existing table and select Clone from the popup-menu.

Title bar

The title bar has short-cuts for common tasks:

Creates a Table
Creates a correlation table
Opens an edit window for the selected table.
Deletes the selected table from the system.

To display the menu, right click anywhere inside the window.

Create Lets you create a new table.
Edit Opens an edit dialog window for the table.
Clone… Create a copy of the table.
Delete Delete the table
Export… Save the (selected) table data to an Excel file.
View in ExcelView the table data in Excel.

Editing table properties

This tab includes general information about the table.

  • Name – Enter a name for the table.
  • Comment – A comment for the table, such as a summary of its contents.

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