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Transport N

Transport N is a special type of expression that gives the total number of compartments, or discretizations, in the transport. The value is realized just before the ODEs are solved, which means that the expression can only use parameters or other constant expressions.

When running a probabilistic simulation, the maximum value returned from the parameter sample sets is used for all iterations.

Editing the N block

NoteMost block properties can be edited directly in the blocks window.

The block editor is shown by right-clicking the block in a window and selecting Edit. In the Blocks window, you can also show the block editor by selecting the block and clicking the Edit button, or by double-clicking the right-most “validation” column of the block.

The block editor has three tabs:


This page lets you edit basic properties such as name, sub-system and base unit. See editing properties for more information.


This page lets you edit the visual properties of the block in the Matrix window. See Editing appearance for more information.


Expression - Enter either a number or an expression. If you enter an expression that contains references to material dependent blocks, the maximum value of all materials will be used.

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