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Tutorial 2 - Vectorizing the model


In this lesson will you learn how to add materials to the model and basic use of index lists.


Consider a water tank which is contaminated with not one, but many, substances.

This would mean that the number of state variables increase with every substance:

MFish,Arsenic, MFish,Lead, MFish,Mercury etc.

Rather than creating copies of the compartments and transfers of our model, we can vectorize it. This is done by adding material, where each material corresponds to a contaminant.

Adding materials

  1. Open the Materials window by selecting Window | Materials from the menu bar.
  2. The table lists all materials of the model and is currently empty.
  3. Create a new Material by clicking the New button on the title bar of this window, or right-click the window and select Create | Material from the pop-up menu.
  4. Name the material by clicking in the Name column and writing “Arsenic”.
  5. In the unit column, enter “mg”.
  6. In the same way, create material for “Lead” and “Mercury”, assigning the same unit of “mg”.





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