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Tutorial 3 - Running a simulation


Simulation settings

  1. Click the Simulation Settings button in the Toolbar or select Simulation | Simulation Settings from the Menu bar.
  2. Make sure that the General tab is selected. Set the Time unit to Years and the End time to 1000.
  3. Click Ok to close the window.

Running a simulation

  1. Click the Simulation button on the Toolbar.

  2. Click the Run button on the Toolbar to start the simulation.

  3. After the simulation has finished, open the Results window (if it’s not already open). Select the button to display the outputs as a tree. While keeping the CTRL key pressed on your keyboard, select the outputs for “Upper_Soil” and “Lower_Soil”.

  4. Open the Charts window. If you entered everything correctly, the Quick view should look like the graph below:


  5. Save the project, as you will continue working on the same model in the next tutorial (Tutorial 4-Using index lists (Advanced)).

Solution to the exercise



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