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Tutorial 5 - Using a general variable


  1. Download the file and open it in Ecolego by clicking the Open button, or by selecting File | Open from the Menu bar.

The agricultural sub-system has a transfer named “Deposition”. The deposition rate is defined as a parameter, making it impossible to run a simulation with a time-varying deposition rate – for instance contamination during a limited time. You will create a General Variable that allows different ways of entering values for deposition.

  1. Open the sub-system Agricultural Land.

  2. Rename the parameter depRate to depRate_constant.

  3. Create a lookup table, call it depRate_timeseries. Assign a default value of 0.

  4. Create a General Variable.

  5. Edit the General Variable.

    a. Name it “depRate”.

    b. Make the General Variable a vector (dimension 1-dependency)

    c. In the list Available objects, move the Parameter depRate_constant and the Lookup Table depRate_timeseries to the selected list using the > button.

    d. Select the depRate_constant in the -Default- Selected field above. Click Ok.


  6. Edit the Transfer Deposition. Choose the Values tab. Replace the Parameter depRate_constant with the General Variable depRate in the Expression field.




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