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Editing chart properties

The chart properties page let you modify the appearance of the chart - you can specify axis bounds, select legend and title etc. Below are all properties that can be set for charts listed, but please note that some properties (such as logarithmic axes) only apply for some chart types.

  • Title – Enter a title for the chart, or leave this field empty if you do not want a title.
  • Sub-title – Enter a sub-title for the chart. The sub-title will appear under the chart title.
  • Legend – Select if you wish a legend to be shown in the chart.
  • Lines – Select if you want lines to be drawn between the datapoints
  • Shapes – Select if you want shapes to be drawn on each datapoint

X-axis and Y-axis

  • Name – Enter a label for the axis
  • Logarithm – Select if you want the axis to use a logarithmic scale
  • Autorange – Select if you want the axis bounds to be automatically adjusted from the dataset
  • Minimum – If auto-range is not selected, you can specify the lower bound for the axis Maximum – If auto-range is not selected, you can specify the upper bound for the axis.
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