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Setting up an external database

Installing MySQL

The external database requires a server that runs MySQL.

See information at how to install MySQL. The database is tested with MySQL version 5.0 but is likely to work also with later versions.

Installing the database

Open the Ecolego installation directory, and open the folder lib\database. There you will find a MySQL backup file with name “ecolegodb.sql”.
This file should be run with the MySQL Administrator tool. From the MySQL Administrator tool the file can be loaded as shown below:

Screenshot Ask your database administrator to help you with this if you don’t have the proper tools and experience.

After the database is installed, the proper users and their access privileges have to be setup. This can also be done with the MySQL administrator tool, as shown below.

Screenshot In this example the user guru is allowed both read and write permission to the database. This is done by adding the items SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE to the “Assigned Privileges”.

If another user should have only read privileges to the Ecolego database, only the item SELECT should be added to the “Assigned Privileges”.

When the database is set up, you must set the database preferences, as described in Connecting to an external database.

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