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Methods of transferring data

Moving and duplicating objects is made using either “Cut and Paste” or “Drag and drop”.

Cut and paste

The cut, copy and paste buttons are accessible either from the main menu or from the toolbar. You always copy the currently selected objects.

Cut and paste in Ecolego uses the same approach as in Microsoft Windows. This means that when you “cut” something it will not be removed directly. Instead it is marked, so that when you “paste”, Ecolego can (if possible) just move the data.

The reason for this is that when something is removed, everything that depends on it is also removed. For instance, when you delete a compartment block, all transfer blocks that are connected to it are implicitly removed. Thus, the corresponding indices in both the Compartments and Transfers index lists are removed along with all parameter values.

When you “paste” something after a “cut”, Ecolego will move the data if the transfer is within the same project.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop is a graphical way to move objects, that is, to perform a cut and paste operation by “dragging” objects from its current location to a target location. You can “drag” objects across windows. For instance, you can move blocks by selecting objects in the blocks window and drag them into a sub-system in the model window.

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