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Editing appearance

This page lets you control the appearance of a block in the graph window and window. Depending on the type of object that you edit some of the properties below might not be available.


Display name - The text to be displayed. If left empty, the full name of the block will be used. If there is no full name, the name of the block will be used.

Font - The font to be used for the text label.

Label visible - Allows you to hide the label of the block.

Color - The background color of the block.

Background color used - Lets you remove the background color. This is often desired when a background image has been assigned.

Image - Lets you choose an image for the block. Note that you must also select Image visible for the image to show.

Image visible - Lets you hide or show the image.

Icon - Lets you choose an image will be used for the block in Connector.


Visible - Hide or show the block on the interaction matrix.


Visible - Hide or show the block in the box diagram.

Block shape - If selected, then a shape for the block will be chosen depending on the type of block. If not selected, the block shape is a rectangular box with no border.

Glass effect - Apply a light shade on the box.

Background image - Only applies to sub-systems. Lets you choose a background image for the sub-system, drawn when the sub-system is chosen as the root sub-system from the graph window title bar.

Background shown - Only applies to sub-systems. Hide or show the background image.

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