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A project is an entity with a tree-like data structure that contains all development units of the modelled system. A project collects blocks, materials, documents defined by the user into a file.

Each project contains one model, which can be organized into sub-systems.

The Projects window lets you browse the full project as well as select the active project.

Handling projects

Creating a project

To create a project, select File | New | Project from the main menu, or click the New button on the tool bar or press Ctrl+N.

Opening a project

To open a project file, select File | Open…, or click the Open tool bar button or press Ctrl+O. See File menu for more information.

Closing a project

To close a project either select File | Close from the menu bar, or rigth-click the project name in the Projects window, and select Close in the pop-up menu that appears.

Saving a project

To save a project with a new name select File | Save As from the main menu bar. Select a directory or folder where you wish to save the project and give a name to the file, or keep the default one. The file will be saved with the extension .eco.

To save the current project, select File | Save, or click on the Save button on the tool bar or press Ctrl+S.

Saving an assessment

When you save an assessment, all the simulation results will be included in the file. To save an assessment, select File | Save Assessment from the main menu bar. Option Save Assessment is available after simulation run.

Changing the name of a project

You can change the name of a project either by saving the project with a new name, or from the project properties window (see Project properties)

Editing project properties

NoteEvery time you make changes within your project, the project name on the title bar is followed by an asterisk symbol (*), meaning that the project has been edited and it is unsaved.

To edit project properties, either select File | Project Properties from the main menu, or right-click the project in the Projects window or press F2.

Name - The name of the project.

Author - The author of the project.

Description - A description of the project. By using the buttons under the text area the font style can be changed. Click the Insert Hyperlink button to add a hyperlink to a model object or an external resource.

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