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Model input

Model input is a block where sub-systems inputs are defined. A sub-systems can contain only one model input block.

An input is, simply put, a block that has been marked to (potentially) receive it’s data externally. Any block that can be used in an expression can be marked to be an input, for example a parameter, a transfer, an expression or a general variable.

Two sub-systems can be connected with a connector if inputs and outputs have been defined for the sub-systems.

Creating a model input

From the Projects window

  • Right click the sub-system for which to define model inputs and select Model input from the pop-up menu.

From the Matrix window

  • Right click an empty diagonal cell of a sub-system in the matrix and select Model input from the the pop-up menu.

Editing a model input

The block editor is shown by right-clicking the block in a window and selecting Edit. In the Blocks window, you can also show the block editor by selecting the block and clicking the Edit button, or by double-clicking the right-most “validation” column of the block.

The block editor has three tabs:


This page lets you edit basic properties such as name, sub-system and base unit. See editing properties for more information.


This page lets you edit the visual properties of the block in the Matrix window. See Editing appearance for more information.


A list of all available blocks is presented. Select blocks from the available list by using the arrow buttons.

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